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An overview of the after school club sessions I run for Theatre Royal Brighton. Suitable for 6 - 10 year olds, the club always has a theme and usually involves a tour of the stage set, creative art, drama and science activities, dressing up, installations and sometimes treasure hunts.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Chocolate making and packaging design activities, Wonka Factory Sign and Charlie Bucket's House scenic box made by me.


The Cat In The Hat. Too Wet To Play sensory installation and play area, Thing One and Thing Two magnetic fishing game under the stage, props for role play. Not pictured but the workshop also featured feather balancing, goldfish throwing, messy mobile making and eating pink cake.

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A Narnia themed workshop with mouldable sensory snow, Mr. Tumnus' House installation and "freezing magic."

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The Enchanted Forest. DIY magic growing trees, magical creature shadow puppets and cyanotype prints, making bugs for the bug hotel, tent lanterns and paper bag lanterns. Fairy evidence case made by me. Activities not pictured: picnic in the auditorium, making camera obscuras to look into the fairy realm, making birds and bees.


A Superheroes themed workshop featuring a hunt for the mad scientist's lab following secret UV clues, the discovery of some actually radioactive uranium glass, a super power battle tournament, costume making and sound effect graphic drawing.

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