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A secret time machine hidden inside a wardrobe. As well as the lights and mirror ball it had switches and wires, light and sound buttons and a working popcorn machine. Sound design by Tom Betts.

Typography and branding for Nellie Limelight, the show's central character. Pictured hand lettered onto Nellie's detective's suitcase, on the cover of her autobiography from the future and on stickers for the audience to wear.

The audience leave the time machine and climb a beanstalk growing up a spiral staircase, emerging in a high-up place filled with stars and clouds.Sound design by Tom Betts.


Fairy Goodheart's house, concealed behind a leaflet stand in the Royal Circle foyer.

Florencia Leon as Nellie Limelight, photographed by me.

The audience leave the sky and head down the stairs to return Ollie the Oyster to his ocean home. Oyster puppet by Andy J Heath, Sound by Tom Betts.

Promotional image of an ocean in a suitcase made and photographed by me, a similar iteration of the image used in marketing materials for the show (poster design by Jathan Granger,) cloud lanterns from the sky scene hung in a box in the auditorium for an accessible performance, Fairy Goodheart's spell book and wand, funny birds for the beanstalk installation.  

Nellie Limelight and the Oysters of Time was a promenade show for 4-8 year olds produced in-house at Theatre Royal Brighton for Christmas 2018. I was designer and creative curator for the show making installations, props and items of set and collaborating on concepts for sound, light and smell. I also did some of the visual work for the marketing campaign designing images, material for print and taking photos for promotion. The videos are taken in situ and follow the journey the audience took through the installations.


The show was directed by Joy Forsythe, written by Stuart Warwick, produced by Jackie Alexander and John Baldock and starred Florencia Leon and Karl Williams.


"... beautifully detailed installations." Brighton & Hove News 


"vivid moments, visual and aural, are dotted through Theatre Royal Brighton’s latest Christmas promenade for young audiences" The Stage


‘Magical – like a children’s escape room adventure!’ Teacher from Benfield School


‘I wish I could do it all again’ Pupil at Benfield


"This was an enchanting show and my seven year old was was particularly taken with the magical fairy house that even smelled of flowers" Brighton Argus

Images from a promotional photo shoot. Florencia Leon as Nellie Limelight at Theatre Royal Brighton.

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