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Creative children’s parties in Brighton, Hove and East Sussex. I aim to provide theatrical, magical, arty experiences for the children that don’t give the adults a headache. Choose from a set range of exciting themes listed below or work with me to create your own bespoke party. Each party can include an installation and/or clue hunt, a craft activity and a game or two. Set themes are based on a 60-90 minute session. Extras such as a glitter tattoo/body art bar, themed magnetic fishing game, singers, balloon modelers and circus performers may be added if available. Contact me for more details and a quote. For an idea of other themes I could make in to a party for you check out my work at Theatre Royal Brighton after school club where I have done workshops on a variety of themes, books and movies.


Learn skills such as aerial acrobatics, scarf juggling (pictured,) feather balancing and more. Make a Circus mask or headdress.

Witches and


Visit the magic wand shop and make your selection, finishing and decorating your wand by hand. Witness magic spells performed before your very eyes (water freezing spell pictured) and "battle" in a wand dual.


Make your own crazy chocolates to take home, designing and making your own packaging to put them in (pictured.) Play games with giant “bubbles” and more.




Fairy Tales

Examine a strange old collection of fairy “evidence,” make a flower crown (pictured) and see magic spells performed before your very eyes.



Hunt for and find miniature rooms and then make your own. Take a selfie with giant props.

bathsmall scarvessmall freezesmall

Mer Magic

Hunt for the missing mermaid treasure, make a bath bomb (pictured) with a jewel in the middle, fish for messages in bottles.

Super Powers

Find the mad scientist’s lab, hold the radioactive stones and name your super-power. Make superhero accessories (pictured) and graphics and have a power battle.


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