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A creative workshop for young people aged 6-11 and their parents or carers held at Theatre Royal, Brighton. Participants arrive and are taken in not through the main entrance but through a door to the side of the theatre, which opens onto a secret staircase. Venturing up the stairs, they turn a corner and come across an alcove set into the stairway. Ivy seems to be creeping in through the walls of the theatre and mushrooms to have grow up through the floor. The ticking is louder here and there is evidence of an abandoned camp: A burnt-out bonfire, a bow and arrow, a broken pair of glasses.


They climb higher and although the next alcove is behind a locked door, they can see tiny glowing lanterns hung in a window. Closer inspection reveals a miniature garden planted in a cigar box. Shells and bright stones are scattered on the ground and they spot a fairy-sized pillow and blanket on a mossy bed.


Continuing their journey up a secret staircase, they reach the very top of the theatre and find themselves in a large white tent with strings of feathers hanging from the ceiling. They sit on fur rugs and examine the objects they find there: A top hat, a thimble and a teddy bear, a fob watch and an impossibly small pair of green shoes. They watch a shadow puppet show projected onto the side of the tent in which Peter, Wendy, Michael and George fly to Neverland. They collect a pile of sticks and a box of button ‘kisses’ to use in a shadow mobile making workshop and spend the rest of the morning making beautiful shadow puppets and stringing them with buttons, cogs and feathers.

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These workshops can be made site-specific and could be held in theatres, schools, museums, galleries, community centres or at parties. Please get in touch using my contact page if you would like to discuss booking your own book themed day.


Brighton Theatre Royal have an excellent youth/participatory program with creative after school clubs and workshops throughout the year. More details here.


This workshop was arranged through H2oh! Entertainment.

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