the borrowers

Re-designed in response to the initial pilot project, the new trail of miniature Borrowers installations is harder to find. Participants are given a guide which has hints about what to look for and where to look and can then make their own journey around this historic theatre's hidden spaces, looking and listening for clues. This project has run at Theatre Royal Brighton both as a family day and as a series of after school clubs culminating in an exhibition for friends and family.

Follow the sound of a ticking clock to the manager's office.

Open cupboards backstage to see if you can find the dressing room.

Listen out for music coming from under the chairs, peer through a tiny window into the ante room.

Open The Complete Works of Shakespeare and see a place to sleep.

Lift up the curtain under the stage to visit the 'outdoor theatre.'

IMG_0910 File 13-11-2015, 1 21 12 p.m. File 13-11-2015, 1 19 41 p.m. DSC_0068

"Thanks for a lovely day. I loved the Borrowers dressing room."


Feedback from young participant.

"Thank you for today.  We had a truly lovely time. My feedback is the day was pitched perfect, very entertaining and enjoyable."


Feedback from parent participant.

"To Abbey and Jakie I liked the Borrowers homes, I want to do it agin."


Feedback from young participant.

"Loved all the stories and tour of behind the scenes. Borrowers worlds were clever and inspiring; searching made it fun. Children fully engaged in creating own world – good collection of materials and a good end to hide and find their own. Well done."


Feedback from parent participant.

"It would be nice to see a few Borrowers but I loved it."


Feedback from young participant. 

After viewing the rooms that I have made on the installation trail, participants are provided with a wide range of materials including found items from around the theatre and invited to make their own Borrowers' rooms.

The day ends with the participants having the opportunity to install their own creations around the theatre, light them, share them with the rest of the group and leave a note for the borrowers.

These workshops can be made site-specific and could be held in theatres, schools, museums, galleries, community centres or at parties. Please get in touch using my contact page if you would like to discuss booking your own Borrowers day.


Brighton Theatre Royal have an excellent youth/participatory program with creative after school clubs and workshops throughout the year. More details here. Huge thanks to the amazing Jackie Alexander for supporting and collaborating on this work.


The workshop was arranged through H2oh! Entertainment.






File 13-11-2015, 1 23 38 p.m. File 13-11-2015, 1 25 24 p.m. File 13-11-2015, 1 24 34 p.m.

Detail from the dressing room.

Classroom designed and made by a young participant.

Television designed and made by a young participant.

Living space designed and made by a young participant.

"I liked making the house."


Feedback from young participant.

Video footage and interview from the 5 week miniature worlds project at the theatre's after school club.

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